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Irish sports websites launch demo website.
Irish sports websites launch with exciting new project for GAA clubs Nationwide.
Irish sports websites begin development of an integrated Content Management System and Social Network for GAA clubs.

More than a website

Having studied the way websites and the internet are used by Irish sports clubs and their members, we have come up with what we believe is an invaluable addition to any Irish sports club. We have developed a website that combines user-generated content with in-built social networking features for club members. This is based upon a highly customisable sports club content management system.

Our website is a seamless combination of content management for club news, stories, notes and photos with the additional social networking aspects of well known websites such as Facebook and Bebo. The benefit of our approach is that it gives you the features of these social networking sites, but with all aspects controllable and manageable by the club itself, including content, membership, what is shown to the public etc. Rather than having match reports, comments, news and photos etc spread over a number of websites (e.g. the club site, members’ Facebook profiles and other websites), you can have everything to do with the club in one place – on your site.

The site employs the latest web development best practice, cutting edge web 2.0 technology including Ajax and is built on the Microsoft’s platform. Importantly it gives you easy total control over what appears on the club's site.
The website featured here has been completely designed and developed in-house, to be highly customisable to your needs. Please have a look here to view an example of how your site could look.
We also offer custom design and development. We base all our applications and web-applications on the Microsoft platform. If you have any IT projects please read more . . .